Happy Springtime Everyone!!

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Happy Springtime! Say hello to warmer weather and longer sunny days..

With spring here comes spring break for a lot of kids. Mom and Dad fear no more!! We have Kids Yoga to the rescue!! Both of our studios (Bellevue and Eastgate) offer kids yoga every Saturday at 10:30 am taught by our awesome teachers: Sarah Howbert (Bellevue), Melissa Hammons (Bellevue) and Viriya Reichersamer (Eastgate).

Children these days have more pressures from school, friends and home more than ever. On average children spend more than an hour on homework on at least one subject. “A 2007 Metlife study found that 45 percent of students in grades three to 12 spend more than an hour a night doing homework, including the six percent of students who report spending more than three hours a night on their homework.” (Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2013/09/how-much-homework-do-american-kids-do/279805/)

So what can yoga do?

  1. Grows Confindence
  2. Promotes a healthy body
  3. It’s fun!
  4. Improves concentration
  5. Helps with Stress (kids get stressed out too!)
  6. Encourages positive encouragement
  7. Helps with coordination and balance

Source: http://www.cosmickids.com/read/how-can-kids-yoga-benefit-my-child/

Plus, its something the whole family can do together!


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I started practicing yoga about four years ago being curious about a hot yoga studio where I use to live. Found out it was strictly Bikram yoga, I began to practice for weight loss and stregthening. Until an instructor taught a Vinyasa class and became hooked. Due to the stresses of personal life I stopped practicing until my boyfriend had suggested for me to go back to yoga since it had brought me so much joy when I was practicing. Cut to two years later I find Get Zen Yoga. I began practicing again and finding myself and a community of amazing people. My favorite classes are power yoga and buti. My down time I still practice at the studio and spend time with my loves. I can honestly say yoga has brought back joy and self love into my life. Set your intention everyday and let it be your mantra. Practice kindness and gratitude. Namaste. P

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