Shay Huff

My introduction to yoga was at a little Bikram studio in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my life was about to change forever. Stepping onto a mat for the first time terrified me, but about halfway through class I started to feel that I’d come home. I made every effort to be in the studio as often as I could. After a while, life got away from me and yoga fell by the wayside. My practice was sporadic for years, but looking back I see that during rough times, I always found my way back to my mat.

In 2015, the fire for yoga was re-ignited. I began practicing daily again, sometimes twice a day. It was what had been missing from my life. Yoga has added so much to my life – patience, acceptance, presence and the ability to breathe through discomfort. After a time, I found myself wanting to give away this gift I’d been given. In the Fall of 2016 I enrolled in Core Power’s 200-Hour teacher training program. I started teaching community classes in February 2017. I joined the Get Zen Family in February of 2019.

My teaching style tends to focus more on breath and alignment as I guide students through practice. I like to slow down the pace so students can feel the way each asana works on their body. We spend a little more time fine tuning. Over the years, I have found that there are only a few things I need when I step onto my mat: patience, presence, acceptance, willingness and gratitude. All of these attributes help me to let my body be where it is today without attachment to where it was yesterday or expectation of where it should be tomorrow. A question I often pose to myself and my students during class is “where is my peace right now?”. It’s there if we look for it! I can celebrate being me in my skin, in heart and in my mind. I can be grateful. For me, that’s more than enough. I encourage my students to embrace each practice in this same way


"Love it! The instructors are all awesome, and it's a great way to exercise and calm your mind at the same time."


"I love GET ZEN! Great teachers and a beautiful clean studio to practice in! Thanks for making hot yoga enjoyable!"


"Great instructors, hour long classes, dig that they play music, lots of free parking, great options for different types of classes and times. Tiffany the owner is super motivating and cool. Love this place."


"A positive encouraging experience every class. The instructors are genuine and helpful in this safe and loving studio. I came back after a Groupon because my mind and body are at one here. I am so grateful for this happy place!"

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