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About Get Zen Yoga

Get Zen Hot Yoga is a new hot yoga studio right here in Bellevue, WA. Our company opened its doors in December of 2011 and we care deeply about our students. We opened Get Zen Hot Yoga so that yogis would have a place to practice in a studio that is safe, clean and full of tremendously good energy. We know how complex life can be, and this community is a haven for you to experience peace, kindness and overall well being so that you are able to take that with you as you move about your daily life. We have been known to even laugh during a yoga class so please feel free to smile in the hot room!

Come join our beautiful community and become part of something greater than just yourself.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is devoid of ego, it is not about how deep you can get into a posture, it is about the ability to clear your mind, find comfort even in discomfort and to open up your body, mind and thereby open up your heart. You will fall in love with all the many benefits it provides you and you will want to come frequently to deepen your practice.

Temperatures range from 98-105°F and postures focus on strength, endurance, and balance while simultaneously working your organs, nervous system, and glands. This is a comprehensive workout and more importantly it is an opportunity to go deeper within yourself and heal your mind, body and soul from the inside out. Our philosophy is to exhaust your body so your mind is calm! Work hard in class and experience the ZEN when you’ve finished!

Please Note: Our teachers do play music during their classes. We recognize this isn’t for everybody that is why we let you know ahead of time. We appreciate that some folks don’t want music during their practice and there are several studios in town that don’t play music during class. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for and that even if you don’t practice with us, you will practice somewhere because the world needs to be full of yogis!!!

If you are concerned because you don’t consider yourself flexible or you have a tight back or tight knees, all the more reason to come. Hot Yoga has so many tremendous benefits on both a micro and macro level and will transform your life by changing you from the inside out!

Get ready to transform your body, mind, and life! Re-discover happiness, and remember who you are and what is really important in life. Don’t wait any longer, come and see for yourself!


"Love it! The instructors are all awesome, and it's a great way to exercise and calm your mind at the same time."


"I love GET ZEN! Great teachers and a beautiful clean studio to practice in! Thanks for making hot yoga enjoyable!"


"Great instructors, hour long classes, dig that they play music, lots of free parking, great options for different types of classes and times. Tiffany the owner is super motivating and cool. Love this place."


"A positive encouraging experience every class. The instructors are genuine and helpful in this safe and loving studio. I came back after a Groupon because my mind and body are at one here. I am so grateful for this happy place!"

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