Frequently Asked Questions About Get Zen Hot Yoga

Benefits of Get Zen Hot Yoga

When should I avoid doing hot yoga?

If your health care professional has advised you to avoid cardiovascular activity, it’s best to avoid practicing hot yoga. We also encourage women in their first trimester of pregnancy to consult with their OB if they’re new to practicing hot yoga. If you discover you’re pregnant (congrats!) and have been practicing for at least 6 months, it’s safe to continue throughout all trimesters. Let your teacher know you’re expecting, and consider setting up at the back of the class if you’re looking for a cooler spot in the room.

Please note, minors under the age of 18 must have both a physician’s note and signed permission from parent.

If you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to consult with your health care provider before visiting a hot yoga studio.

What if I’m the least flexible person in the entire world?

Then you officially have the best reason ever to come to a yoga class! But seriously, don’t worry about all the bendy people around you. They’ve been practicing for a while or were born that way. Flexibility will come with time and you don’t have to be flexible to start. GZHY teachers know how to modify postures to make every posture benefit even the least flexible student.

What should I bring / wear? How long are the classes, and do I book in advance?

What should I wear?

It’s best to come to a class in your comfiest, coolest set of yoga clothes. And when we say cool, we don’t mean hot pink leg warmers and a one piece leopard leotard. We mean cool as in light weight, breathable materials that will absorb sweat and dry quick. Men usually wear shorts with optional t-shirt or tank tops and women typically wear tank tops, shorts, leggings or loose fitting clothes.

What should I bring?

Our studio has water bottles and towels to rent or buy, but if you have your own it’s great to bring a water bottle, yoga mat, 2 towels (one for your mat and one to freshen up after class) and a sense of humor. Additional information on what to bring can be found here

How long are the classes?

All GZHY classes are 60 minutes long. It’s best to check the schedule to see what is being offered at a convenient time for you! For specific information or for class schedules, click here

Will I lose weight?

If you attend classes regularly, then absolutely. Along with becoming a happier, more stress free person, loosing weight is among the benefits that is most appreciated from a regular practice.


"Love it! The instructors are all awesome, and it's a great way to exercise and calm your mind at the same time."


"I love GET ZEN! Great teachers and a beautiful clean studio to practice in! Thanks for making hot yoga enjoyable!"


"Great instructors, hour long classes, dig that they play music, lots of free parking, great options for different types of classes and times. Tiffany the owner is super motivating and cool. Love this place."


"A positive encouraging experience every class. The instructors are genuine and helpful in this safe and loving studio. I came back after a Groupon because my mind and body are at one here. I am so grateful for this happy place!"

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