Does yoga heal? Yes. Yes, it does.

Studies have shown with the mental and physical principles of yoga have shown those that practice at least a few times reduces stress and possibly depression. Thanks to deep breathing. That strong Ujjyai breathing helps with the breath called pranayama. Prana – life force (breath) and yama – “control” or “restriction”. When practicing ujjyai breathing you take a deep inhalation followed by a deep exhalation, to open yourself up to receive breath. By creating this breath at the back of your throat creates the quality of your breath to your state of mind, so when you are aware of your breath you can be aware of your inner state.

We need to breathe everyday and think of it ever so passively. When practicing yoga, you become to be aware of your state of mind while holding poses but also breathing is also important. You go into a meditative state that is almost like a small dance with yourself. Think of it as a meditation but with a flow. Meditation is the basis for all inner work and an important part of the journey inward. When are able to find a way to yes to your heart, you can simply tune into your breath and observe it slowly coming in and going out. The place you choose for your yoga is up to you. Home practice or at your favorite yoga studio, meditation helps transport you to that sacred place within yourself.