As Fall/Winter quickly approaches here in the great Pacific Northwest the holidays are literally right around the corner then 2019 will be knocking on our door welcoming us into the new year. I’m not ready. I barely saw summer, next thing I knew it was September then October and I’m sitting here with my big cup of coffee contemplating of what is the purpose of this blog.

This month has been hard for me, like the leaves changing we begin to go into this weird transition. Not just physically but emotionally, spiritually. To a point when you have to take a step back and ask yourself, “What truly makes you, you? Who is your best self?”

We practice yoga in order to better ourselves, serve our purpose and find our intention for that one moment for one hour. That class you are practicing with 20 sweaty yogis are in there like you are fighting their own good fight. But what about when we leave? The moment we step out of the studio and go about our day/night, do we still practice our intentions? Do we remind ourselves that everyday we must find or at least try to find a small piece of ourselves to be grateful for. I recently had a talk with someone I look up and respect and she had told me, “Trust the process and everything will fall into place. I know it sounds silly but it does.” Another piece of advice she had given was to start a gratitude journal. I know in this day in age it’s becomes daunting just to find time and take care of others let alone yourself. But having something to write down and reflect helps. It’s funny what a pen and paper can do to a person.
So for anyone willing that would like to try get a small journal and every night before bed write down things you are grateful for. Being kind to yourself is not as easy as it looks. But it’s a good way to start.