“What has yoga done for you?”

One of the most common questions I get since I began practicing and working at the studio. I had originally started practicing Bikram yoga learning the basic foundations of yoga such breathing, balancing and understanding the core of yoga and why I should do it. In the beginning it was solely for the purpose of losing weight. I had body esteem issues and I just wanted to lose the weight I had gained back over the years. Life happened and I began to stop practicing all together. Then about two years ago my lovely significant other had noticed coming home from my corporate job being stressed out every day asked me, “You need a hobby, you are too stressed out and it’s making me stressed out. What use to make you happy?”

Then it hit me, I forgot what made me happy. It was yoga. Yoga had brought me joy, self fulfillment and pride that I hadn’t felt in almost ever. I had found a studio nearby the office (Get Zen Yoga) and decided to give it a go. I mean what can go wrong right? My first class was a power class (taught by the amazing Tiffany Thompson) I thought I was going to die. Vinyasa flow with old school jams, I can dig it. But the planks….high plank..low plank…high plank…why? why? why? Oh wait…there’s sit ups and boat holds!? What did I get myself into?!?! I think that day I swore I wouldn’t do it again, fast forward to another power class that following Monday (taught by Kevin Ng)…*face palm* DIED. But I left with an intention in my practice. I remember his words towards the end of class which he reminds his students about mindfulness.

“You are enough.” – Kevin Ng

I literally laid there on my mat sweating and breathing away the hellish boot camp I had just endured for 50 minutes and cried. Like a truck it hit me, I am enough. I am perfect the way I am. Some people go to yoga as a way to decompress their hectic work day, a way to balance their workout routine from the gym and some like me look for a sense of belonging. Searching for a place to feel normal and knowing you are accepted for being you and growing into what the universe and people had seen in you from the moment you walked the front door. I go to these classes to practice because I want to be better person, better friend, sister, girlfriend…all around to be at peace with myself. We as humans go around and live life not realizing what your purpose is. Yoga brings me to a place that to stop taking life seriously. I have never lived with kindness or compassion towards others because I was too focused on trying to survive and make sure I had a roof over my head and those in my life were taken of. Little did I know I had forgotten about the one person in my life that I needed the most, ME. Yoga is my time to live and feel alive. Feel the love of the community that has helped realize life is beautiful and to not take life seriously.  So, what has yoga done for me? Yoga has helped me heal my soul and love me. Appreciate life, serve the universe with compassion and love.

My question to you: What has yoga done for you?

Its’s okay to not know the answer now, but I leave you with this – when you wake up and check your email on your phone with your morning coffee set an intention for your day and ask yourself what are you most grateful at that moment. Take that with you and let me know how it goes.

See you on your mat.