This is an easy salad to make. It can be gluten free and it’s packed with protein (without meat). Did I tell you it’s loaded with yummy, crisp veggies?

Serves 4

This is a fresh and tasty summer salad, packed with veggies and flavor.

This is a fresh and tasty summer salad, packed with veggies and flavor.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 package refrigerated ravioli (or any pasta you like — seriously, any pasta; potatoes would also work), cooked and at room temperature or chilled

A selection of veggies including but not limited to: zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, corn — whatever you like that is in season, chopped

1 small can chickpeas, washed and drained of juices

Add some fresh stone fruit like peaches or nectarines or cherries to the mix, sliced

Riccotta cheese would be fabulous, too

Nuts, if you like (cashews are nice, but almost any nut you like would work)

Fresh baby spinach to taste

Herbs and spices like thyme, basil, mint, oregano, red pepper flakes

Dijon vinaigrette (mix together one tablespoon dijon, pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, 1/2 tsp sugar if desired, juice of one lemon and then whisk while drizzling in 1/4 cup olive oil (you can use less olive oil and you can also combine all of the ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake)

To assemble:

Put a handful or two of spinach on each plate and arrange. Add 1/4 of the pasta topped with 1/4 of the mixed veggies/fruit. Add some cheese and nuts, if using. Drizzle some vinaigrette to taste and add your herbs/spices. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy!